How to subscribe to Podcasts 
  • In order to subscribe to a Podcast feed you will need two things, podcasting software and a url (web address) of the Podcast feed that you wish to subscribe to.
  • Download and install podcasting software to your computer. You can use an RSS-enabled browser such as IE7 or a dedicated podcasting application like iTunes or RSSRadio. Here is a link to a list of popular podcasting applications.

  • Locate the web address (url) of the Podcast feed (XML file) that you wish to subscribe - usually you can just click on the orange PODCAST or POD button.

  • Many podcasting applications will allow you to set the interval that the software will look for a feed update others simply update daily.

  • The information in the feed will be updated when the feed contains new content.

Podcasting software or RSS readers are a software application that collects and displays headlines, links to articles, and media content from sources that you have designated.
A Podcast/RSS feed is an XML document that contains the headlines, links to articles, and links to the media content that the podcasting software can then download.

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