In 8th grade, students will complete an Educational Development Plan (EDP). 

The EDP documents an ongoing process of a student identifying both career goals and a plan of action to achieve them.  The purpose of the EDP is to provide every student with an ongoing record of career planning that will guide them in taking steps to enter a career choice. 

Each student develops a first EDP in middle school, stating an initial career goal and desired work and educational experiences.  School counselors verify that EDPs reflect an individual career decision making process based on career exploration, career assessment information, school performance, and expressed interests.  School counselors also help students choose classes to support their career goals.  Because the EDP and choosing a career is a continual process, students will meet with their school counselor to review and revise their EDP yearly. 

The Educational Development Plan (EDP) documents student educational and career plans. An EDP includes six basic elements approved by the Michigan Department of Career Development as a part of the Career Preparation System:

  1. personal interests/information
  2. career pathway goals
  3. educational/training goals
  4. career assessment results
  5. plan of action
  6. parent/family consultation and endorsement (under age 18)


Career Cruising:
Starting midwinter, students in 8th grade will be introduced to Career Cruising and begin Career Education Unit.  Career Cruising is an Internet-based career exploration and planning tool. They will be able to explore careers, post-secondary options, and develop a career plan.

Career Cruising can be accessed on the internet at .  To access the Frost account, the username is frost and the password is phantoms.   

Once logged in as a Frost user, you may access your student’s account.  Their username is their LPS email address and their password is their LPS internet password.  Your student will set up their account in class and should be able to show you the website. 

It is never too early to start asking them about their ideas and future plans. Career Cruising is an amazing website. The Frost Counseling Department recommends looking at the college and financial aid information available on the website. 


Big Future - The BigFuture website is a free, comprehensive resource that improves the college planning experience for students and families.