Due to state funding cuts and district funding reductions, we are currently operating on just 10% of the shop budget we had in the 1990's!  This is a 90% funding reduction not including the increased cost of supplies and materials over the last 20 years!  We are looking for sponsors and donations to support our shop programs so we can continue to offer our students these great life-skills experiences.  We are looking for individuals, business owners, businesses, and corporations that would be willing to help us out?  

Money Donations:  (*tax deductible) to help buy materials and supplies

Tools Donations:  (*tax deductible)  for student use.
*Hand Tools
*Portable Power Tools
*Stationary Power Tools

Materials Donations:  (*tax deductible) for student projects

Supply Donations:  for classroom use
*Paper Towel
*Zip-lock bags (quart & gallon)
*Steel Wool
*Finishes (paint, stain, varnish, urathane, etc)
*Adhesives (glues, caulks, epoxy, etc) 
*Fasteners (screws, nuts, bolts, washers, etc)
*Other shop type supplies (contact instructor)?