8th grade weekly calendar
Week of 6-10

Monday:  Read pages 570-573 and do ws on Jim Crow Laws.

Tuesday:  Movie

Wednesday: Movie

Thursday:   Movie. 

Friday:  I have no 8th grade classes today.


Week of 6-3

Monday:  Review for Civil War Test.

Tuesday:  Chapter 15-16 Civil War test.

Wednesday: Read pages 560-563 and then discuss powerpoint with notes on Reconstruction.

Thursday:  Read pages 566-569.  Reconstruction ws.

Friday:  Reconstruction video.


Week of 5-27

Monday:  Memorial Day, no school.

Tuesday:  Read 530-535 and complete ws.

Wednesday:  Read 536-539 and work on Civil War battle chart. Due Friday.

Thursday:  Read 542-543 and finish battle chart.

Friday:  Read 546-549 and watch video on the Civil War.


Week of 5-20

Monday: Read pages 516-519 and complete sec 3 ws.

Tuesday:  Read Read pages 524-527.  Video clips on Emancipation Proclamation.  Emancipation Proclamation ws.

Wednesday:  Read pages 528-529 and a video on the Civil War

Thursday:  I have no 8th grade classes today.

Friday:  PBIS.


Week of 5-13

Monday- Pass out study guide.  Test 6-4.  Read page 498-499.  Civil War Beginnings powerpoint and notes.

Tuesday- Read pages 502-505.  Then do "Life in the Civil War" activity.  Due during class on Thursday.

Wednesday- "Life in the Civil War" activity. 

Thursday- "Life in the Civil War" activity. 

Friday:  Read 512-513 and then discuss powerpoint with notes on Civil War strengths and weaknesses.


Week of 5-6

Monday:   Read page 474-475 on Kansas-Nebraska Act.  Do map and questions. 

Tuesday: Dred Scott Activity.  In class.

Wednesday: Read pages 480-485 and complete ws.

Thursday:  Civil War video clip and Civil War map.  Map is due Monday.

Friday:  Civil War map.  Due Monday.

Week of 4-29

Monday:  Videos on the Underground Railroad.

Tuesday:  Read page 470-471 and complete ws and historical thinking questions.

Wednesday: M-step practice.  Read page 472-473 together and show powerpoint on slave codes with notes.  

Thursday:  M-step testing

Friday:  M-step testing


Week of 4-22

Monday:  Social reformers. 

Tuesday:   Finish social reformers

Wednesday: Read ch 13 section 3.1 and 3.3 pages 454-455 and 458-459.  Video on Susan B. Anthony 

Thursday: Junior Scholastic

Friday:  The Story of Us "Divisions" video.


Week of 4-15

Monday-  Video and discussion on the Underground Railroad 

Tuesday-  Ch 13 section 1 vocab. 

Wednesday- Read Ch 13 section 1.1, 1.2 and 1.4 pages 438-441 and 444-445.  Complete sec 1 ws  

Thursday- Today we will be learning about some social reformers.    

Friday-  No school, Good Friday.


Week of 4-8

Monday:  Video on westward movement.

Tuesday:  Junior Scholastic

Wednesday:  Read ch 12 sec 3 pages 416-421 and complete ws.

Thursday:  Read ch 12 sec 4 pages 422-427 and begin t-shirt assignment.  Due 3-15

Friday:  Work on t-shirt assignment due 3-15.


Week of 3-25

Monday:  Finish cover and coloring flipbook.  Flipbook scored as is tomorrow.

Tuesday:  Today's lesson is in class on Manifest Destiny.

Wednesday:  Today we will read 398-399 and 402-405 and complete a ws on ch 12 sec 1.

Thursday:  Today I have a powerpoint on Texas independence, a reading entitled "Heroes and Ghosts"  with questions and we will read pages 410-413.

Friday:  Oregon Trail simulation game.


Week of 3-18

Monday:  Work on section 3 of flipbook due 3-20.   

Tuesday:  Section 3 is due.  Work on section 4 of flipbook.  Due 3-21.  Bank powerpoint. 

Wednesday:  Work on section 4 of flipbook.  Due 3-21 

Thursday:  Section 4 is due.  Work on section 5 of flipbook due 3-25.  

Friday:  Work on section 5 of flipbook.  Due Tuesday 3-26.  

Week of 3-11

Monday:  Begin Jackson Era flipbook.  Explain section 1 due 3-14.  Finished flipbook is due 3-26 and will not be taken late.

Tuesday:  Work on section 1 of flipbook due 3-14.  Warm up #1.

Wednesday: Section 1 is due.  .  Work on section 2 of flipbook due 3-15.

Thursday:  Work on section 2 of flipbook due 3-15. 

Friday:  Section 2 is due.  Work on section 3 of flipbook due 3-19  warm up #2.. 


Week of 3-4

Monday:  Read 10-2.3 pages 348-349 and complete 10-2 web page.  then work on ch 10 sec 2 ws.  

Tuesday:  Read 10-3.1, 3.2 and 3.4 pages 350-353 and 356-357 and complete section 3 outline notes. Work on Study guide. 

Wednesday:   Complete Monroe Doctrine Primary Source Analysis.   Work on study guide.  

Thursday:  Half day.  Review for test.

Friday:  Ch 10 test. 


Week of 2-25

Monday:  Pass out ch 10 study guide.  Ch 10 box vocab.   

Tuesday:  Read ch 10-1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 pages 336-341 and complete ws.   

Wednesday:  1/2 day.  Discuss 10-2.1 and 2.2 pages 344-347 and complete note page together.

Thursday:  Lowell Mills girl's experience simulation. 

 Friday:   Video on Mary Driscoll and the Lowell Girls.   

Week of 2-18

Monday:  No School

Tuesday: Explain War of 1812 map due Thursday the 21st.  Work on map after finishing the timeline.  

Wednesday: Timeline due.  Finish War of 1812 map. Due tomorrow.  

Thursday:  Tecumseh JS play and Urban game.   

Friday:  Finish urban game.  


Week of 2-11

Monday: Video on Lewis and Clark.    

Tuesday:  No School, snow day.
Wednesday:  High school scheduling with counselors  

Thursday:  War of 1812 powerpoint and notes.    Read 9-3.1 page 327.   

Friday:   Read 9-3.2 pages 328-329.  War of 1812 clip.  Explain War of 1812 timeline due Wednesday the 20th.   


Week of 2-4

Monday:  8-2.2 and 8-2.4 reading and question.  

Tuesday:  I ready testing.  No 8th grade class today.

Wednesday:   Ice day.

Thursday:    Thomas Jefferson video and we will read 9.1-1 and 9-1.3 pages 314-315 and 318-319.  Complete ws.  

Friday:    Read 9-2.1 pages 320-321 and complete packet on Lewis and Clark.   


Week of 1-28

Monday:  Snow Day.  

Tuesday:  No 8th grade class   

Wednesday: No school.I Ready Test

Thursday:  No school  

Friday:  Washington's Farewell address reading and questions and Whiskey rebellion Powerpoint.   

Week of 1-21

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Junior Scholastic.s.

Wednesday:  M-step practice.  Flipping the White House.

Thursday:  I will not have 8th grade classes this day.

Friday:  No school.


Week of 1-14

Monday:  Bill of Rights Project. Due Tuesday the 15th. 

Tuesday:  Washington and Adams presidency powerpoint and notes.  Read 8-1.1 pg. 286-287 and historical thinking questions.

Wednesday:  Read 8-1.2 and 1.3 pages 289-291 and complete ws (17 points)

Thursday: Career Counseling with counselors.

Friday:  First Political Parties ppt.   Read 8-2.1  pages 294-295 and  complete Federalist or Democratic republican ws.


Week of 1-7

Monday:  Geography Bee.

Tuesday:  Today's worksheet is on the Constitution.

Wednesday:  Today's worksheet is on amendments.

Thursday:  Bill of Rights Project. Due Tuesday the 15th. 

Friday:  Bill of Rights Project. Due Tuesday the 15th. 


Week of 12-17.

Monday:  DBQ. Bill of Rights project.

Tuesday:  DBQ.  Bill of Rights project

Wednesday:  DBQ.  Bill of Rights project.

Thursday:  Movie

Friday:  Movie


Week of 12-10

Monday:  Citizenship handbook sec 3-5 pages 217-220 in American Journey.  Warm up #2

Tuesday:  Branches of governemnt powerpoint and notes.  Review for Citizenship handbook review.   

Wednesday:  Citizenship handbook test.  

Thursday:  Presidential cabinet ws.  

Friday:  Presidential cabinet ws.

____________________________________________________________________Week of 12-3

Monday:  Video on the Constitutional Convention.  Constitutional Convention Powerpoint. Comparing Plans of the Convention ws.

Tuesday:   Read 7-2.3 pages 260-261 and complete ws on compromises of the constitutional convention.

Wednesday:  Today we are learning about the Preamble.  There will be a short quiz tomorrow on the Preamble.  Citizenship handbook sections 3-5.  warm up #3 chart study page 217-218.

Thursday:  Preamble quiz.  We will learn how a bill becomes a law.  
Powerpoint and notes on the three government branches.  Test review.

Friday:  "Our Constitution Rules" ws and Citizenship Handbook sec 1 and 2 from American Journey pages 215-217.  Citizenship test.


Week of 11-26

Monday:  Ch 6 review.

Tuesday:  Ch 6 test.

Wednesday:  Warm up #1.  Constitution Confederation Era powerpoint and notes.  Read 7-1.1 pages 250-251 and class debate ws. a

Thursday:  Read 7-1.2 and 7-1.3 pages 252-255.  Ch 7 sec 1 box vocab.

Friday:  Articles of Confederation video.  Read 7-2.1 and 7-2.2 pages 256-259.


Week of 11-19

Monday:  Read ch 6-3.3 and 3.5 pages 240-241 and 244-245 and complete ws.

Tuesday:  Video.

Wednesday:  No School

Thursday:  No School

Friday:   No School.


Week of 11-12

Monday:   "Empire Fights Back" Video

Tuesday:  Ch 6 Box Vocab

Wednesday:  Read 6-2.1 and 6-2.2 pages 228-231 and complete note taking page and historical thinking questions.

Thursday:  Read 6-2.3 and 6-2.4 pages 232-235 and complete note taking page and section 2 ws.

Friday: Read ch 6-3.1 and 3.2 pages 236-239 and complete ws.


Week of 11-5

Monday: Ch 6 intro powerpoint and intro activity.

Tuesday:  No School.

Wednesday:  Warm up #7.  Declaration of Independence ws.  Warm up Check.

Thursday:  Reading on Valley Forge with a video segment and ws. 

Friday:  Read 6-1.1 through 6-1.3 and complete ws. Ch 6 test 11-27.

Week of 10-29

Monday: Ch 5 test review

Tuesday:  Ch 5 test

Wednesday: Go over timeline and do Halloween activities.

Thursday:  Declaration of Independence DBQ and questions.

Friday:  In class work.


Week of 10-22

Monday:  Johnny Tremain Video

Tuesday:  Johnny Tremain Video

Wednesday:  Today we will read 5-3.1 through 5-3.3 pages 194 -199 on preparing for the Revolutionary War and the opening battle of the war.  Students will also complete a worksheet for section 3.

Thursday:  Warm up #6.  Read 5-4.1,5-4.3 and 5-4.4. and complete ws.  Work on study guide and timeline.

Friday:  Finish timeline and study guide.


Week of 10-15

Monday:  We will read 5-1.4 together and students will read 5-1.2 and 5-1.3 on their own.  they will also answer the questions at the end of each section.

Tuesday:  Warm up # 4.  Read 5-2.1 and 5-2.2.  Work on timeline and study guide.

Wednesday: Video "Story Behind the Boston Massacre".  Then raed ch 5-2.3 together, pg. 191.  Work on study guide and timeline.

Thursday:  Read page 140-141 from handout together and explain Boston Tea Party comic strip and begin rough draft.  Final strip due Monday 10-22

Friday:  Finish comic strip.  Due Monday 10-22.


Week of 10-8

Monday:  Finish "Perspectives on the French and Indian War" activity and Junior Scholastic (JS) play on the French and Indian War.

Tuesday:  Warm up #3.  Ch 5 section 1 box vocab.  Pass out study guide.  Test 10-30

 Wednesday:  Road to Revolution video.  Half day.

Thursday:  Half Day I have no 8th grade classes today.

Friday:  Today I will explain the timeline assignment we will do throughout ch 5 and students will read 5-1.1 and complete a ws. Timeline due 10-31


Week of  10-1

Monday:  PBIS lesson with administrators..

Tuesday:  Read 4-3.1 through 4-3.3 and complete note page together.  Also work on 4-3 ws.

Wednesday:  Reading and discussion on the French and Indian War.

Thursday:  French and Indian War storyboard.

Friday:  "Perspectives on the French and Indian War" activity


Week of 9-24

Monday:  Online reading on fur trade and questions..

Tuesday: Ch 4 pre-test.  Read 4-1.1 and 1.2 pages 122-125 and answer section questions.

Wednesday:  Read 4-1.3 and 4-1.4, pages 126-129.  Formal assessment ws.

Thursday: Read 4-2.1 through 4.2.3 pages 132-137 and complete note page.

Friday:  Men of Enlightenment activity.

Week of 9-17

Monday:  CDV Quiz.  Colony map assignment.  Map/colony quiz 9-22.

Tuesday:  Powerpoint and notes on Jamestown and Roanoke.  Warm up #1

Wednesday:  Colonial America packet and questions.

Thursday:  Pilgrim powerpoint and note page.  Colony and map quiz review.  Warm up #2

Friday:  Colony/map quiz.  Ch 4 box vocab.


Week of 9-10

Monday:  Columbus Point of View assignment.

Tuesday:  Core Democratic Values (CDV) Powerpoint (PPT) and notes.  CDV quiz Monday 9-18.

Wednesday:  CDV poster assignment to be presented Friday, 9-14.

Thursday:  Continue working on CDV poster assignment to be presented Friday, 9-14.

Friday:  CDV poster presentations.  Study for Monday's  CDV quiz.


Week of 9-3-18

Monday:  Labor Day

Tuesday:  School and classroom rules

Wednesday:  Prior knowledge activity and personality activity.

Thursday:  Building teamwork assignment.

Friday:  Why history is important.