Scheduling 8th Graders for High School

Educational Development Plan (EDP)
An Educational Development Plan (EDP) is an ongoing record of a student's career development process. Students will start the rough draft of their EDP at school and then complete it at home.  Your student’s EDP is a flexible document that will be reviewed and adjusted as they go through high school.  Your student’s high school counselor will use the EDP as a tool to help your student schedule classes that fit their interests and career plan. 

The EDP will need both a parent and student signature before returning it to school.  When filling out the EDP please write the course name not the course number.  All four years of electives need to be completed.  The 9th grade year will be used for scheduling the upcoming year.  Please be sure to include 6 alternate electives for 9th grade in the space provided at the bottom of the EDP.  Subsequent years will be reviewed and updated each year during high school scheduling.  10th, 11th, and 12th grade selections are used for planning purposes only. 

Counselors are available throughout the school day to answer scheduling questions. Students can request to see their counselor by signing up for an appointment in the counseling office and they can email them with any questions as well.

Copy of EDP \\staff\users$\cdeskovi\Personal\EDP\2017-2018 EDP 9th Grade.doc

High School Student Academic Placement
All students will be placed into the standard 9th grade core academic classes unless they are contacted by Livonia Public Schools indicating an alternative placement.

A small group of students will be invited to participate in Accelerated classes for Geometry, World History, and/or Language Arts.  Standardized achievement test scores such as the CogAT, teacher recommendation, and classroom performance are used to determine who will be invited.  The final decision regarding high school placement is done by the high school department chair persons. 

Students currently enrolled in an 8th grade advanced are not guaranteed Accelerated placement for high school. High school students enrolled in Accelerated classes earn honor points.  Letters of invitation for Advanced Biology will also be sent.  Advanced Biology does NOT qualify as an Accelerated class; therefore honor points are not awarded. 

Invitation letters for Accelerated and Advanced classes are sent by the end of March.  The letter will have specific directions regarding how to respond along with specific response deadlines.  If you feel that your student did not receive a letter of invitation in error, contact the appropriate high school department chair regarding placement.  

If your student has an IEP, the IEP will be used to guide class placement along with test scores and classroom performance.  Placement will be discussed at your student’s high school transition meeting.  You will be contacted by your student’s Case Manager to schedule a high school transition meeting. 

High School Program of Studies

Churchill High School

Creative And Performing Arts (CAPA)

Franklin High School

International Baccalaureate Program

Stevenson High School

Global Ed

Livonia Career Technical Center (LCTC)