PTSA Volunteer Opportunities

One and Done

Craft Show: See pink form. (November 5)

Fall Fun Run: Volunteers needed to serve cider and donuts to students.  Activity is held after school. (October)

Frost Free: Chaperone this activity after school September 9.  This is an event for 7th graders only. Come get an idea of what activity nights are like! We need 7th grade parent volunteers please. (See Forms.)

Volunteer Database Coordinator: Create Google/Excel spreadsheet of volunteers from all these forms! (September)

Work in small groups, only a few times a year.

Beautification: Volunteers needed to make the school more welcoming (planting, bulletin boards, etc). Also works with the Environmental Club.

Chaperones: Parents are needed to chaperone Activity Nights & Field Day.  (Various dates.)

Hospitality: Help with set-up, serving and/or clean up of cookies and beverages at evening events. Please indicate your preference: 

Legislative: Contact parents and legislators via email regarding issues that affect schools and public education.  There is a fall Legislative/Advocacy Day you can attend paid for by the PTSA. (October)

Senior Volunteer Scholarship: Send scholarship packet to LPS High Schools. Receive, verify and review applications. Send info in January, team decides recipients in March.

Youth Making a Difference: Send information (provided) to students in the Fall, collect participation slips, send out invitations.  Celebration held in April. (A PTA Council sponsored activity which offers students the value of being a volunteer.)

Working alone.

Membership Coordinator: Enter Member data, organize membership contests.  (August - November, with light work Jan - March)

Music Scholarship Coordinator: Coordinate with music teachers in awarding scholarships, including a celebration night at the April PTSA meeting. Advertise with flyers, Facebook, Newsletter. Communicate winners back to PTSA treasurer before the April meeting. (February-April)

Reflections: A PTA Council sponsored activity which celebrates the arts. Post flyers, and program details (provided) to students, collect and verify work, enter information online, send out invitations for the event, set up displays and take entries to a local state-designated site for judging. (September, mid-November, and January)

Fundraiser Nights: Plan three (3) community dine-out/activity events. Schedule with local places in advance. Send out pre-printed flyers to promote to families via social media and e-blast.

Spree Vouchers: Coordinate the sale of Spree Vouchers in late May.

Volunteer Coordinator: Contact and organize parent chaperones and donations for Activity Nights.  Names and contact information are provided. You are responsible for assigning chaperones to all activity nights.

The more the merrier, Let’s knock it out!

8th Grade Farewell: The committee plans and sets up this special celebration for 8th graders on the morning of the last day of school. (June)

Box Tops for Education: Pick up from school on a regular basis, make contest posters to display, distribute bins to staff prior to collections. Organize the clipping and mailing in of Box Tops, with other volunteers. (Monthly, Contest Parties held in January and June.)
                  YES, I can lead the team!       Help plan with others.

Staff Appreciation: Help with Frost Staff Appreciation - takes place in early May. (April/May)
                   YES, I can lead the team!       Help plan with others.

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