Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Johns

Geometry B
Math 7 

Math+ Enrichment

Stevenson Phone: 734-744-2660 ext. 48520
Frost Phone: 734-744-2670 ext. 37889

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. Email is the best method to reach me. 

Daily Schedule:

This year, I am teaching 1st hour at Stevenson and 3rd-6th hours at Frost.

 ​Stevenson Schedule
 1st  7:25-8:23am  Geometry B
 2nd  8:29-9:27am  Planning Hour

 Frost Schedule
2nd  9-9:55am  Planning Hour
3rd  10-10:55am  Math 7
Lunch  11-11:25am  A Lunch
4th  11:30am-12:25pm  Math 7
5th  12:30-1:25pm  Math 7
 Falcon Time  1:25-1:50pm  Falcon Time
 6th  1:55-2:49pm  Math+ Enrichment