WEB-Where Everybody Belongs

What is WEB exactly?

WEB is Where Everyone Belongs, a transitional organization founded by the Boomerang Corporation. It helps ease incoming sixth graders into the middle school environment. Where Everyone Belongs is founded on the belief that students want to and have the ability to help peers succeed.

WEB also helps develop the leadership aspects of the eighth grade WEB leaders. These fine young individuals work in tandoms teaching the younger students how to adapt to the environment (how to be organized, importance of doing your work, etc). They motivate students with positive reinforcement which helps the incoming and current seventh graders really adapt and thrive in their new environment. 

The WEB leaders main goal is to make the transition from 6th grade to seventh grade easier for the students. This lets the students feel more comfortable in their environment at a very stressful time in their childhood. WEB was conceived to deal witht he problem that many middle schools lacked programs or initiatives that welcome incoming students. WEB creates a safe and positive learning environment which helps prevent the elevation of "teasing" into more dire situations. Studies have shown that students who experienced positive learning environments in middle school will have a more successful and fruitful high school experience.

WEB started off the school year by having a fun, energetic and incouraging orientation day for the seventh graders. This helped them feel more at home in middle school. Then it continues throughout the year roughly once a week where the student leaders try to motivate and teach important lessons to their seventh graders (Be organized, Do your work, Teamwork etc.) These lessons give students the skills they need to have a successful middle school experience. This also helps to develop a positive learning environment which helps limit the need for discipline refferals, increase attendance and improve academic performance at your school.

WEB offers a great oppurtunity for the students of Frost to increse their ability to learn and cooperate with others, positively influincing the learning environment.

Eighth graders roles in WEB

WEB not only aids incoming students but teaches the older students valuable lessons in leadership and mentorship. The eighth graders are the power house of WEB. The eighth graders gain valuable experience positively influencing the seventh graders. They spend time working on certain necessary principles to be observed during the middle school experience. The eight graders also act as role models on campus, demonstrating observance of rules and the proper edicate during school. Ideally the seventh graders pick up on these habits and develop their own traits of good behavior. Hopefully, throughout the year, the eighth graders will learn as many valuable lessons as the younger students.

Orientation and Meetings

To start of the school year the WEB leaders met with all of the incoming seventh graders and spent the school day getting them used to the layout of the school, leading them to their classes and such.

Every week the web leades meet with their 7th graders and help them develop good study habits and other necessities to be good students. The meetings also help the students value their talents and others as well, generally teaching the 7th graders how to be respectfull and responsible.

WEB's Effect on the School Community

WEB leaders also incourage their students to participate in school activities so as to develop a social structure that is accepting and understanding of everyone, making the students feel welcome and wanted. This helps the school environment appear less daunting to the students. But this process is gradual, but every year WEB changes the school's atmosphere for the better, creating a safer, better, more accepting learning community.