Information Resources Available from the Library@ FrostHow To Get Your Homework Done - Fast

Mr. Chinavare wouldn't steer you wrong...use these resources and you'll be done with that homework in no time!

Frost Online Databases

Student Access From Home (get passwords from Mr. Chinavare)

The Library@ Frost subscribes to some very useful databases of information. They’re probably the best sources of information that you’ll find anywhere. You and your family can access the information in each database by typing these addresses into your internet browser. Remember, people who are fussy about where their information comes from usually get the best grades. Trust me…these are good.

The Library@ Frost can hook you up with the passwords to these.  Come to the library and ask Mr. Chinavare about online databases.  He'll get you what you need - the passwords, so you can get that work done!

Encyclopedia Britannica - Online

  • Materials for all grade levels, K through 12th grade
  • Articles written by experts
  • Information on almost any subject


  •  Accurate information about countries of the world
  • Organized to make reports easy


  •  Student Research Center Bronze – over 450 magazines and newspapers
  • Opposing Viewpoints – information on the pros and cons of social issues
Frost Library Catalog
Hey!  We've got books here too!  Use the library catalog to find a book on a subject you'll be interested in.  Trust've got to find the right book if you're ever going to like reading!  Ask Mr. Chinavare about finding the right book...he didn't like reading -until he figured out the secret!  Now, he reads all the time...ask him about it.

Michigan Electronic Library
This is an awesome research tool!  Brought to us by the State Library of Michigan, MEL has all kinds of professional databases for you to use.  There is a ton of information available here...ask Mr. Chinavare for a quick lesson on how to use this outstanding resource.

What a great city...we have three public libraries to choose from!  This gets Mr. Chinavare all jacked up...he thinks a public library is just about the greatest place in the world!  Go...use it!  He promises the people will be nice to you...mention his name and you can check out all the books you want, for FREE!