7th grade weekly calendar
​Week of 3-18

This whole week students will be working on an assignment we call think dots.  Students will work in groups of three.  Absent students will have to work finish on their own.  The assignment is due next Monday.


Week of 3-11

Monday-  Read 9-4.1 through 9-4.4 pages 248-254 and complete ws.

Tuesday- Review for test on Greece.

Wednesday- Test on Greece.

Thursday- Go over pages 264-271 in text on Rome.  Ancient Rome video.

Friday- Readings and worksheets on the beginnings of the roman Republic


Week of 3-4

Monday-  Read ch 9-1.1 through 1.2 together pages 230-233.  Then handout the Classical Period and have students read and answer questions. 

Tuesday-  Read ch 9-1.3 page 234.  Work on Greek gods graphic organizer.

Wednesday-  Read ch 9-2.1 and 2.2 pages 236-238.  Read handout on Middle Period and answer questions.

Thursday- 1/2 day, scheduling for 8th grade classes.

Friday- Read 9-3.1 pages 242-243.  Video and  powerpoint and notes on Alexander the Great.


Week of 2-25

Monday- Read 8-1.3 page 212.  Video on the Aegean civilization.  

Tuesday-  Read 8-1.4 pages 214-215.  In class, design your own city-state.

Wednesday-  1/2 day, meeting with counselors about scheduling for 8th grade.

Thursday-   Read 8-2.1 through 8-2.4 pages 218 -225 and complete sec 2 ws.  

Friday-  Video on the Battle of Thermopylae and then answer main idea questions page 226.


Week of 2-18

Monday- No school.

Tuesday-  Ancient China test. 

Wednesday-  Pass out study guide on Greece.  Test 3-13.  Map of Ancient Greece 

Thursday-  Read 8-1.1 pages 208-209.  Then read handout on Aegean civilizations.  Lastly, read handout and complete ws on the Minoans.  

Friday-   Read 8-1.2 page s 210-211.  then read handout and complete the ws on the Mycenaeans.   

Week of 2-11

Monday- Ancient China video.

Tuesday-   No school, snow day.

Wednesday- Read 7-2.1, 2.2 and 2.4 pages 174-177 and pages 180-181.  Complete ws.  

Thursday- Read 7-3.1 and 3.2 pages 184-186 and complete ws. 

Friday-  Chinese video clips.  Ancient China review. 


Week of 2-4

Monday-  Video on Hinduism.  Read 6-1.4 and 1.6 pages 150 and 154-155.  Complete ws.

Tuesday-  Hours 4-6.  Read 6-2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 pages 156-160 and complete ws  

Wednesday-  Hours 1-3 .  Read 6-2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 pages 156-160 and complete ws


Friday-   Pass out study guide.  Test 2-19.  Read 7-1.1 through 7-1.3 pages 166-171 and complete ws. 


Week of 1-28

Monday- No School 

Tuesday- Mid-terms 5th and 6th hour. 

Wednesday- No School 

Thursday -  No School  

Friday-  Read 6-1.1 through 6-1.3 pages 145-149 and complete ws.  


Week of 1-21

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Mid-Term 1st hr.  Review 4th- 6th hr.

Wednesday-  Mid -Term 4th hr.

Thursday- Mid-Term 5th and 6th hr.

Friday- No school.


Week of 1-14

Monday- Indian empires reading and ws.

Tuesday- Video on India.

Wednesday-  Mid-term writing piece

Thursday-  1st hour review for mid term.  Junior Scholastic for hours 4,5 and 6.

Friday- Review for Mid-Term


Week of 1-7

Monday- Geography Bee

Tuesday-  Practice writing for midterm writing piece.

Wednesday-  Judaism and Israelite Kingdoms story book.  Due 1-14.

Thursday- Judaism and Israelite Kingdoms story book.  Due 1-14.

Friday- Judaism and Israelite Kingdoms story book.  Due 1-14.


Week of 12-17

Monday- Ancient Egypt project.  Presentations Wednesday and Thursday if necessary.

Tuesday-   Ancient Egypt project.  Presentations Wednesday and Thursday if necessary.

Wednesday- Presentations.

Thursday-  Presentations if necessary. Movie

Friday- Movie


Week of 12-10

Monday-  In class work on The Book of the Dead.

Tuesday-   Read 4-2.4, 4-3.1 and 4-3.2 pages 104-109  and answer questions 

Wednesday-  Videos on Ancient Egypt.

Thursday-  Read 4-3.4 and 4-4.1 pages 112-115 and complete ws.

Friday-  Read 4-4.2 and 4-4.3 pages 116-119 and complete ws.


Week of 12-3

Monday- Ch 3 test

Tuesday- Read 4-1.1 page 90-91 and complete ancient Egypt map.

Wednesday- Read 4-1.2 and 4-1.3 pages 92-95 and complete ws.

Thursday-  Egypt Kingdoms powerpoint and notes.

Friday-  Read 4-2.1 and 4-2.2 pages 98-101 and 2 short videos on Egypt.


Week of 11-26

Monday- Pass out study guide.  Read 3-1.1 to 3-1.3 pages 66-71 and complete box vocab.  Test 12-3

Tuesday-  Read 3-1.5 and 3-2.1 pages 74-77 and powerpoint on Hammurabi.

Wednesday- Read 3-2.2 through 3-2.5 and complete sec 2 ws.

Thursday- Reading on Darius I and we will practice cuneiform.

Friday- Review for test.


Week of 11-19

Monday-  Early Civilizations Powerpoint and notes continued.

Tuesday-  Video on Ancient Mesopotamia.

Wednesday-  No school

Thursday-  No school

Friday-  No school.


Week of 11-12

Monday-  Ch 2 open book quiz.

Tuesday-  First civilizations map.

Wednesday- Grapes powerpoint.

Thursday- Today's lesson is on push/pull factors of migration.

Friday-  Early Civilizations Powerpoint and notes.


Week of 11-5

Monday- Continuing with Catalhoyuk webquest due 11-7.

Tuesday- No school

Wednesday- We are reading 2-1.3 through 2-1.5 pages 40-45 on more early villages.  Students will have a ws on these early villages.

Thursday- Read 2-2.1 together and then do a timeline refresher assignment.

Friday- Read 2-2.2 page 46 and complete Seeds of Civilization ws.


Week of 10-29

Monday- Review for ch 1 test.

Tuesday- Ch 1 test.

Wednesday- In class work today

Thursday- We will read 2-1.1 and 2-1.2 pages 36-39 and 2 readings on an early village.

Friday- Catalhoyuk webquest due 11-7.

Week of 10-22

Monday-  We will create our own cave painting.

Tuesday-  We will continue creating our own cave painting.

Wednesday:  We will share cave paintings.

Thursday-  Read 1-2.1 through 1-2.3 pages 24-29 on the Neolithic Age.  Complete ws.

Friday-Read 1-2.4 together pages 30-31.  Work on study guide.


Week of 10-15

Monday- We will read about Ardi an early hominid species

Tuesday- We will watch a video on Ardi.

Wednesday- Today's lesson is on the migration of paleolithic people.

Thursday-  Today's lesson is on cave paintings.

Friday-  We continue discussion on cave paintings.


Week of 10-8

Monday-  We are reading 1-1.1 and 1-1.2 and completing a box vocab.  Box vocab is due Tuesday the 9th.

Tuesday-  Human skull activity.

Wednesday-  Early Hominid reading and questions.  Half Day.

Thursday-  Early Hominid reading and questions.  Half Day.

Friday- Finish Hominid questions.

Week of 10-1

Monday- PBIS Character Traits.

Tuesday-  Today's lesson is on calendar systems.

Wednesday-  Today we are doing a timeline worksheet and era card worksheet.

Thursday-  Today students will look at a timeline from prehistoric times and we will talk about the last Ice Age.

Friday-   Pass out study guide.  Test  10-30.  We are reading 1-1.1 and 1-1.2 and completing a box vocab.  The box vocab is due Tuesday the 9th.


Week of 9-24

Monday- In class work on "What is history?"

Tuesday-  Activities on historical perspectives.

Wednesday-  Activities on historical perspectives continued.

Thursday- Powerpoint on primary and secondary sources.  Comparing sources worksheet.

Friday- Finish powerpoint on sources .


Week of 9-17

Monday-  Constitution Day Activity

Tuesday-  Continue with map vocab, video on important map terms. 

Wednesday-  Identifying hemispheres and map skills crossword.  Review for tomorrow's map quiz. 

Thursday-  Map quiz.

Friday-   Junior Scholastic.   

Week of 9-10

Monday-  Finish life map, due tomorrow.

Tuesday-  World sketch map activity.

Wednesday-  Map sketch  assignment of Frost.

Thursday-   Compare and contrast different perspectives from student's map drawings.

Friday-  World map activity.  Map quiz 9-20


Week of 9-3-18

Monday- Labor Day

Tuesday- School and classroom rules and information.  Please sign and return signature page only of classroom rules packet by Friday.

Wednesday-  "Write About You"

Thursday-  Life map, due 9-11

Friday-  Continue working on Life map.

Week of 6-11

Monday- Reign of Mansa Musa article and assignment. Due Tuesday.  

Tuesday- Contributions from SW Asia and North Africa Presentations

Wednesday- Movie.  Hours 3-6 have shortened classes

Thursday- Movie hours 3 and 4 only

Friday-  Movie hours 5 and 6 only


Week of 6-4

Monday-  Ancient history reflection project, due Tuesday the 5th.

Tuesday- Project Presentations  

Wednesday- Worksheet on sub-Sahara Africa societies. 

Thursday- Reading and worksheet on Mali and Songhay empires. 

Friday- Reign of Mansa Musa article and assignment. Due Tuesday. 


Week of 5-28

Monday- Memorial Day, No school

Tuesday- Ancient history reflection project, due Tuesday the 5th.

Wednesday- Ancient history reflection project, due Tuesday the 5th.

Thursday- Ancient history reflection project, due Tuesday the 5th.

Friday-  Ancient history reflection project, due Tuesday the 5th.


Week of 5-21

Monday-  Powerpoint on Vikings continued.

Tuesday-Reading and worksheet on the Vikings.

Wednesday-  Map of Africa due Friday.

Thursday-  Map of Africa due Friday.

Friday-  Map of Africa


Week of 5-14

Monday-  Powerpoint on the Tang Dynasty.

Tuesday-  Junior Scholastic

Wednesday-  Reading and worksheet on the Tang Dynasty.

Thursday-  Reading and map on Medieval Europe.

Friday-  Powerpoint on the Vikings.


Week of 5-7

This week we are piloting a textbook from National Geographic.  The topic is the Islamic world.


Week of 4-22

Monday-  PBIS Lesson.

Tuesday-  Causes of the fall of empires.

Wednesday-  Fall of the Western Roman Empire.  

Thursday-  The Byzantine Empire.

Friday-  Junior Scholastic


Week of 4-15

Monday-  Read Ch 11 section 3.1 - 3.3 and complete ws.

Tuesday-   Early Roman Contributions

Wednesday-  Early Roman contributions and Ancient Rome video

Thursday-  Importance of the Kushan Empire

Friday-  No School, Good Friday.


Week of 4-8

Monday-  Read 11-1.1 and 1.2 pages 306-309 and complete ws.

Wednesday-  Today we are reading pages 310-313 on Roman engineering and the Colosseum.  I also have video clips on these topics.

Thursday-  Video on Pompeii and a Junior Scholastic article on Pompeii.

Friday-  Today we are reading pages 318-321 and 324-325.  The topic is Christianity in Rome.  I have a video as well.

Week of 3-25

Monday-  Today's lesson is in class on Julius Caesar.

Tuesday-  Today we will be learning about Roman gods and goddesses and answering some questions.  The questions are due tomorrow.  Then students will be given a paper where they will draw a representation of the god/goddess from the reading and then write three facts about the god/goddess.  This will be due on Thursday.

Wednesday-  Finish drawings and descriptions of gods/goddesses.

Thursday-  Ancient Rome webquest.

Friday:  Ancient Rome webquest.