8th grade weekly calendar
Week of 6-11

Monday:  Inventions.  In class work.

Tuesday:  Movie first hour.  Big Business in class 3rd hour.

Wednesday: Movie

Thursday:  hours 3-4.  Movie.

Friday:  I have no 8th grade classes today.


Week of 6-4

Monday:  Read 17-1 on reconstruction pages 495-498 and complete ws.

Tuesday:  Read 17-2 pages 499-503 and complete ws.

Wednesday: Read 17-3 pages 504-507 on how Southern life changed during reconstruction. 

Thursday:  Read 17-4 pages 508-511 on the decline and end of reconstruction and complete ws.

Friday:  Read 17-5 pages 513-516 on the change of the economy in the South and complete ws


Week of 5-28

Monday:  No school.

Tuesday:  Read 16-5 pages 482-488 on Gettysburg and complete ws.

Wednesday:  Civil War battle chart.

Thursday:  Review for test.

Friday:  Ch 16 test on the Civil War.


Week of 5-21

Monday:  Read 16-2 pages 466-471on Civil War battles and complete ws.

Tuesday:  Civil War map.

Wednesday:  Read 16-3 on the Emancipation Proclamation and complete ws.

Thursday:  Read 16-4 pages 476-480 on women in the war and complete ws.

Friday:  Junior Scholastic Magazine.

____________________________________________________________________Week of 5-14

Monday through Thursday we are still doing the pilot.   This weeks topics include the Lincoln-Douglas debates, the Dred Scott case, secession and an effort to compromise.

Friday:  We will read 16-1 and complete a ws on the strengths and weaknesses of the north and South.  Test is 6-1 and there is a quizlet under drusso2.


Week of 5-7

Monday:  Read 13-3 page 396-400 on the South's economy.  Warm up #1.  Work on study guide.

Tuesday:  13-4 ppt and notes on slave codes.  Work on study guide.

Wednesday: Finish study guide and review for ch 13 assessment.

Thursday:  Ch 13 assessment

Friday:  Today we begin our last textbook pilot.  The topic is on slavery in the new territories and states.


Week of 4-30

Monday:  Junior Scholastic

Tuesday:  Finish reformers research and video on Harriet Tubman.

Wednesday:  Read 13-1 pages 385-389 on technology.  Complete ws.  Pass out study guide. Assessment  5-10

Thursday:  Read 13-2 pages 390-394 on immigration.and complete ws.  Work on study guide.

Friday:  Videos on slavery.


Week of 4-23

Monday:  M-step testing

Tuesday:  M-step testing

Wednesday:  Reformers research .

Thursday: Reformers research.

Friday:  The Story of Us "Divisions".

____________________________________________________________________Week of 4-16.

This week we are piloting a new book.  The topic is society and culture before the civil war.  Work will be pretty much in class only and there will be an open book assessment on Friday.


Week of 4-9

Monday:  Read 12-3 and complete ws.

Tuesday:  Read 12-4 and complete ws.  warm up #7.

Wednesday:  Read 12-5 and complete ws.  warm up #8.

Thursday:  Ch 12 t-shirt assignment due 4-16.  Warm up check.

Friday:  Ch 12 t-shirt assignment due 4-16.


Week of 3-26

Monday:  Read 12-1 pages 355-360 and complete ws.  Warm up #6.

Tuesday:  Read 12-2 pages 362-367 and complete ws.  Video clip on the Alamo.

Wednesday:  Video on the Alamo.

Thursday:  Oregon Trail simulation game.

Friday:  No School.


Week of 3-19

Monday:  Work on section 3 of flipbook due 3-20.  Warm up #5. 

Tuesday:  Work on section 4 of flipbook.  Due 3-22.  Bank powerpoint. 

Wednesday:  Work on section 4 of flipbook.  Due 3-22 

Thursday:  Work on section 5 of flipbook due 3-26.

Friday:  Work on section 5 of flipbook. Finish cover and coloring.  Due Monday 3-26.  No late assignments.


Week of 3-12

Monday:  Begin Jackson Era flipbook.  Explain section 1 due 3-14.  Finished flipbook is due 3-26 and will not be taken late.

Tuesday:  Work on section 1 of flipbook due 3-14.  Warm up #4.

Wednesday: Work on section 2 of flipbook due 3-16.

Thursday:  Work on section 2 of flipbook due 3-16. 

Friday:  Work on section 3 of flipbook due 3-20. 


Week of 3-5

Monday:  Warm up #2.  Read 10-2 pages 313-317 and complete ws.  Work on study guide.  Warm up #3.  Read 10-3 pages 318-321 and complete ws.  Work on study guide.   

 Tuesday:   Half day hours 1-3.  Read 10-4 pages 322-324 and complete ws.  Work on study guide. 

Wednesday:     Review for test.  

Thursday:  Half day hours 4-6.   I do not have 8th grade classes these hours.

Friday:  Ch 10 test. 


Week of 2-26


Tuesday:  Warm up #1. Read 10-1 pages 305-311 and complete ws.  Pass out study guide.  Test 3-9.  Work on study guide.  

Wednesday:  Video on Mary Driscoll and the Lowell Girls.   

Thursday:  Lowell Mill Girls' experience.


Week of 2-19

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Continue working on War of 1812 map.

Wednesday:  Today we are doing a simulation on urban growth. 

Thursday:  Guest Speaker on the U.S.S. Constitution.

Friday:  EDP with counselors. Junior Scholastic on Tecumseh. 


Week of 2-12

Monday:  Read 9-3 pg 289-295 and complete ws.  Warm up #9.

Tuesday:  EDP with counselors.

Wednesday:  Powerpoint on War of 1812

Thursday:  War of 1812 timeline and map.  Timeline due end of class tomorrow.  Map due start of class on Wednesday.  Warm up check today or tomorrow.

Friday:  Work on War of 1812 timeline, due at the end of class.  Work on War of 1812 map.


Week of 2-5

Monday:  Read 9-1 page 277-280 and complete ws.  warm up #7.

Tuesday:  Lewis and Clark Nat Geo video.

Wednesday:  EDP through counseling.

Thursday:  Read 9-2 pages 281-285 and complete ws.  Warm up #8.

Friday:  Snow Day.


Week of 1-29

Monday:  Warm up #6.  Read 8-3 pages 266-269 and complete ws.

Tuesday:  Ch 8 vocab, due by end of class.  Work on study guide and quizlet.

Wednesday:  Read 8-4 pg 270-272 and complete ws.  Work on study guide and quizlet.

Thursday:  Ch 8 review.

Friday:  Ch 8 Test.


Week of 1-22

Monday:  Continue with point of view assignment.  Continue with warm up #5.

Tuesday:  M-Step practice.   Video on flipping the White House. Hour 1.

Wednesday:  M-Step practice.   Video on flipping the White House. Hour 3.

Thursday:  I will not have 8th grade classes this day.

Friday:  No school.


Week of 1-15

Monday:  No school.

Tuesday:  DBQ

Wednesday:  DBQ

Thursday:  DBQ

Friday:  8-2 powerpoint and notes and point of view assignment. Warm up #5 continued


Week of 1-8

Monday:  Geography Bee.

Tuesday:  Read 8-1 pages 257-261 and complete ws. Warm up #4.

Wednesday:  Practice DBQ

Thursday:  Finish practice DBQ.

Friday:  Read 8-2 pages 262-265 and complete ws. Warm up #5.


Week of 12-18.

Monday:  Bill of Rights project.

Tuesday:  Bill of Rights project

Wednesday:  Bill of Rights project.

Thursday:  Movie

Friday:  Movie


Week of 12-11

Monday:  Presidential cabinet ws.

Tuesday:  Presidential cabinet ws.

Wednesday:  Exploring the Constitution and ws.

Thursday:  Name the amendment ws.

Friday:  Begin Bill of Rights Project.  Due 12-21.


Week of 12-4

Monday:  Videos on the Constitution.

Tuesday:   Citizenship handbook section 1 and 2.

Wednesday:  Citizenship handbook sections 3-5.  warm up #3 chart study page 217-218.

Thursday:  Powerpoint and notes on the three government branches.  Test review.

Friday:  Citizenship test.


Week of 11-27

Monday:  Constitution simulation.

Tuesday:  Warm up #1.  Read 7-3 204-208 and complete ws.

Wednesday:  Warm up #2 and read 7-4 pg 209-211 and complete ws.

Thursday:  Junior Scholastic and preamble practice quiz.

Friday:  Preamble quiz and how a bill becomes a law readings/ws.


Week of 11-20

Monday:  Finish NJ/Virginia Plan poster assignment.

Tuesday:  Video.

Wednesday:  No School

Thursday:  No School

Friday:   No School.


Week of 11-13

Monday:  Read 7-1 pg 189-195 and complete ws.  Warm up #6.

Tuesday:  Video:  American Revolution- Return of the Rebels.

Wednesday:  Shay's rebellion powerpoint and History Alive ch 8 reading and ws.

Thursday:  Finish History Alive ch 8.

Friday:  NJ/Virginia Plan poster assignment. 


Week of 11-6

Monday:  Read 6-3 pg 176-180 and complete ws.  Warm up #3.

Tuesday:  No School.

Wednesday:  Read 6-4 pg 182-185 and ws.  Warm up #4.

Thursday:  Review for ch 6 test.

Friday:  Ch 6 Test


Week of 10-30

Monday:  "Truth Detective" ws.

Tuesday:  6-1 pages 163-169 and ws.

Wednesday:  Box Vocab

Thursday:  Video " American Revolution-Empire Fights back"

Friday:  Read 6-2 pg 171-175 and complete ws.  Warm up #3.


Week of 10-23

Monday:  Read 5-4 pg 148-152 and complete note pg.  Warm up #1.

Tuesday:  Ch 5 review.

Wednesday:  Ch 5 test.

Thursday:  Declaration of Independence Scavenger Hunt.

Friday:  You tube and ws on Declaration of Independence.  Warm up  #2.


Week of 10-16

Monday:  Finish 5-3 notes pg 142-146.  Work on study guide sections 2 and 3.

Tuesday:  Revolutionary War timeline due 10-20.

Wednesday:  Revolutionary War timeline due 10-20.

Thursday:  Revolutionary War timeline due 10-20 and warm up check #1.  Work on study guide if time.

Friday:  Ch 5 vocab and Junior Scholastic play "Father of the Revolution".


Week of 10-9

Monday:  Boston Tea Party comic strip and notes.  This is due on 10-11.

Tuesday:  Boston Tea Party comic strip and notes.  Work on sec 2 of study guide if time.

Wednesday:  Johnny Tremain video.

Thursday:  Johnny Tremain video.

Friday:  Warm up #7.  Read 5-3 pg 142-146 and work on note page.


Week of  10-2

Monday:  Warm up #5.  I am passing out Ch 5 study guide.  The students will be reading 5-1 pg 133-137 and working on a note page.

Tuesday:  Today we will complete 5-1 notes, work on section 1 of the study guide and watch a clip on the Stamp Act.

Wednesday:  Today's assignment is ch 5 box vocab.

Thursday:  Warm up #6.  Video story on the Boston Massacre.

Friday:  Read 5-2 pg 138-141 and complete ws.


Week of 9-25

Monday:  Reading on colonial America and powerpoint on trade.

Tuesday: Read pgs. 110-114 and complete ws.  Warm up #3

Wednesday:  Read 4-3 page 116-119 together.  Complete French and Indian story board

Thursday: French and Indian War perspective ws.   Warm up #4.

Friday:  Finish French and Indian War perspective ws and play on the French and Indian War.


Week of 9-18

Monday:  CDV Quiz.  Colony map assignment.  Map/colony quiz 9-22.

Tuesday:  Powerpoint and notes on Jamestown and Roanoke.  Warm up #1

Wednesday:  Colonial America packet and questions.

Thursday:  Pilgrim powerpoint and note page.  Colony and map quiz review.  Warm up #2

Friday:  Colony/map quiz.  Ch 4 box vocab.

Week of 9-11

Monday:  Columbus Point of View assignment.

Tuesday:  Core Democratic Values (CDV) Powerpoint (PPT) and notes.  CDV quiz Monday 9-18.

Wednesday:  CDV poster assignment to be presented Friday, 9-15.

Thursday:  Continue working on CDV poster assignment to be presented Friday, 9-15.

Friday:  CDV poster presentations.  Study for Monday's  CDV quiz.


Week of 9-4

Monday:  Labor Day

Tuesday:  School and classroom rules

Wednesday:  Prior knowledge activity and personality activity.

Thursday:  Building teamwork assignment.

Friday:  Why history is important.