8th grade weekly calendar
Week of 12-11

Monday:  Presidential cabinet ws.

Tuesday:  Presidential cabinet ws.

Wednesday:  Exploring the Constitution and ws.

Thursday:  Name the amendment ws.

Friday:  Begin Bill of Rights Project.  Due 12-21.


Week of 12-4

Monday:  Videos on the Constitution.

Tuesday:   Citizenship handbook section 1 and 2.

Wednesday:  Citizenship handbook sections 3-5.  warm up #3 chart study page 217-218.

Thursday:  Powerpoint and notes on the three government branches.  Test review.

Friday:  Citizenship test.


Week of 11-27

Monday:  Constitution simulation.

Tuesday:  Warm up #1.  Read 7-3 204-208 and complete ws.

Wednesday:  Warm up #2 and read 7-4 pg 209-211 and complete ws.

Thursday:  Junior Scholastic and preamble practice quiz.

Friday:  Preamble quiz and how a bill becomes a law readings/ws.


Week of 11-20

Monday:  Finish NJ/Virginia Plan poster assignment.

Tuesday:  Video.

Wednesday:  No School

Thursday:  No School

Friday:   No School.


Week of 11-13

Monday:  Read 7-1 pg 189-195 and complete ws.  Warm up #6.

Tuesday:  Video:  American Revolution- Return of the Rebels.

Wednesday:  Shay's rebellion powerpoint and History Alive ch 8 reading and ws.

Thursday:  Finish History Alive ch 8.

Friday:  NJ/Virginia Plan poster assignment. 


Week of 11-6

Monday:  Read 6-3 pg 176-180 and complete ws.  Warm up #3.

Tuesday:  No School.

Wednesday:  Read 6-4 pg 182-185 and ws.  Warm up #4.

Thursday:  Review for ch 6 test.

Friday:  Ch 6 Test


Week of 10-30

Monday:  "Truth Detective" ws.

Tuesday:  6-1 pages 163-169 and ws.

Wednesday:  Box Vocab

Thursday:  Video " American Revolution-Empire Fights back"

Friday:  Read 6-2 pg 171-175 and complete ws.  Warm up #3.


Week of 10-23

Monday:  Read 5-4 pg 148-152 and complete note pg.  Warm up #1.

Tuesday:  Ch 5 review.

Wednesday:  Ch 5 test.

Thursday:  Declaration of Independence Scavenger Hunt.

Friday:  You tube and ws on Declaration of Independence.  Warm up  #2.


Week of 10-16

Monday:  Finish 5-3 notes pg 142-146.  Work on study guide sections 2 and 3.

Tuesday:  Revolutionary War timeline due 10-20.

Wednesday:  Revolutionary War timeline due 10-20.

Thursday:  Revolutionary War timeline due 10-20 and warm up check #1.  Work on study guide if time.

Friday:  Ch 5 vocab and Junior Scholastic play "Father of the Revolution".


Week of 10-9

Monday:  Boston Tea Party comic strip and notes.  This is due on 10-11.

Tuesday:  Boston Tea Party comic strip and notes.  Work on sec 2 of study guide if time.

Wednesday:  Johnny Tremain video.

Thursday:  Johnny Tremain video.

Friday:  Warm up #7.  Read 5-3 pg 142-146 and work on note page.


Week of  10-2

Monday:  Warm up #5.  I am passing out Ch 5 study guide.  The students will be reading 5-1 pg 133-137 and working on a note page.

Tuesday:  Today we will complete 5-1 notes, work on section 1 of the study guide and watch a clip on the Stamp Act.

Wednesday:  Today's assignment is ch 5 box vocab.

Thursday:  Warm up #6.  Video story on the Boston Massacre.

Friday:  Read 5-2 pg 138-141 and complete ws.


Week of 9-25

Monday:  Reading on colonial America and powerpoint on trade.

Tuesday: Read pgs. 110-114 and complete ws.  Warm up #3

Wednesday:  Read 4-3 page 116-119 together.  Complete French and Indian story board

Thursday: French and Indian War perspective ws.   Warm up #4.

Friday:  Finish French and Indian War perspective ws and play on the French and Indian War.


Week of 9-18

Monday:  CDV Quiz.  Colony map assignment.  Map/colony quiz 9-22.

Tuesday:  Powerpoint and notes on Jamestown and Roanoke.  Warm up #1

Wednesday:  Colonial America packet and questions.

Thursday:  Pilgrim powerpoint and note page.  Colony and map quiz review.  Warm up #2

Friday:  Colony/map quiz.  Ch 4 box vocab.

Week of 9-11

Monday:  Columbus Point of View assignment.

Tuesday:  Core Democratic Values (CDV) Powerpoint (PPT) and notes.  CDV quiz Monday 9-18.

Wednesday:  CDV poster assignment to be presented Friday, 9-15.

Thursday:  Continue working on CDV poster assignment to be presented Friday, 9-15.

Friday:  CDV poster presentations.  Study for Monday's  CDV quiz.


Week of 9-4

Monday:  Labor Day

Tuesday:  School and classroom rules

Wednesday:  Prior knowledge activity and personality activity.

Thursday:  Building teamwork assignment.

Friday:  Why history is important.


Week of 12-18.

Monday:  Bill of Rights project.

Tuesday:  Bill of Rights project

Wednesday:  Bill of Rights project.

Thursday:  Movie

Friday:  Movie


Week of 1-8

Monday:  Geography Bee.

Tuesday:  Read 8-1 pages 257-261 and complete ws. Warm up #4.

Wednesday:  Practice DBQ

Thursday:  Finish practice DBQ.

Friday:  Read 8-2 pages 262-265 and complete ws. Warm up #5.


Week of 1-15

Monday:  No school.

Tuesday:  DBQ

Wednesday:  DBQ

Thursday:  DBQ

Friday:  8-2 powerpoint and notes and point of view assignment. Warm up #5 continued


Week of 1-22

Monday:  Continue with point of view assignment.  Continue with warm up #5.

Tuesday:  M-Step practice.   Video on flipping the White House. Hour 1.

Wednesday:  M-Step practice.   Video on flipping the White House. Hour 3.

Thursday:  I will not have 8th grade classes this day.

Friday:  No school.