1 - WORKSHEETS and Keys PLUS Solar Cooker Info
  • THE WORKSHEETS ARE NOW LISTED DAY-BY-DAY IN THE TABS TO YOUR LEFT ON THE SCREEN! (By topic - currently everything is going to be in the "1 - Waves - Sound and Light Portion" tab, we finished the 4 - Earthquakes material on 13 Apr, and it is now at the bottom of the order.)
  • VOCAB - Link for Latin/Greek/Other Vocab list from Mr. C:  https://goo.gl/4zJ8aD   (make sure you log into your LPS account first!)
  • SOLAR COOKER materials are in tab #3 on your left!

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TornadoTo the right is a picture of a funnel cloud and rainbow,

not a tornado. (from neatorama.com)