Contact Information
Contact Information

If you need to contact me (Carim Calkins) you may use the following methods:


School e-mail:  I can see my emails all day, usually respond rather quickly.


School phone during school hours:  (734) 744-2670  Use x37102 or 37103 to get a secretary in the office and then ask for me at x37808 (It never rings directly into my room during class time - you must be transferred by the office, and they are appropriately resistant during class.* )  After school lets out for the day, you can apparently dial right into my room by using my extension.  That's a new feature that may or may not stay active.  It worked as of 1 Feb 2017.

*Please Note:  My conference period is from 12:50 to 1:50 each day, so it will be rare for me to be able to respond to anything while I teach and help with hall duty from 7:50am to 12:50pm every day.