Extra Credit
Extra Credit
Items on this page will vary as the year moves along - you may want to check back from time-to-time


EXTRA CREDIT from DTE website on Carbon Footprint:  https://goo.gl/F49pCg - need one year’s worth of electrical and gas bills, gasoline info for your cars, and flight info for plane trips - probably need parent help


Take 2 two-sided copies of this sheet with you to the auto show and fill out the info for a total of 4 cars.  Please follow the directions on the sheet.  Not supposed to be particularly difficult or time-consuming.  I plan to use the info when we talk about energy and pollution later this year.

Here's the sheet, which I have also run off so that I can hand it out in class:  Auto Show EC - Jan 2016.docx


General Instructions/Info for EC

A.  Students are allowed to complete as much EC as they would like, but I will not raise a marking period grade by more than 2/3 of a letter grade.  This means that a B- can become a B+, but will never become an A- through the use of EC.

B.  Students attending an event for EC need to create a write-up about their experience.  Here are the requirements:
  1. Name, class period, name of event, date of event
  2. What did you like/what was interesting and WHY do you feel that way
  3. What didn't you like/what could have been improved and WHY do you feel that way
  4. Explain what you learned, and how it does/may relate to class or be used in class
  5. Would you recommend that students go again?  Why or why not?  Perhaps explain why this is only for a certain type or age of student. 
  6. A photo of yourself at the event (whenever possible, this is extra credit after all!)
My guess is that you will have item #1 (above) and then a total of 4 paragraphs (just cut-and-paste items 2-5 above into your document as titles/headings for the 4 paragraphs you will write).  The photo can go anywhere in the document you create.