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fraction practice


equivalent fractions

Order of Operations Practice (AMBY)

Order of Operations--Goodies

Quia: Fraction/Decimal/Percents Jeopardy

Fraction/Decimal/Percent Challenge

Quia: Unit rate and price comparison

‚Äč7th Grade Math

Big Ideas Math Textbook


Pre-algebra website

Pre-algebra textbook
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Algebra Review Material

Finding Slope

Coordinate Graph Activity

more slope practice

cockroach slope/ y-intercept game

coordinate graph practice


Geometry Textbook
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perpendicular bisector

construct an equilateral triangle

Construct a circle through 3 points
math is fun quadrilateral properties
Math is Fun Geometry
Prisms and pyramids

interactive geometry
Prisms and pyramids

Paper models of a polyhedra

Cyberchase: Point out the view

Solids of Rotation

Cross Sections

For geometry students
You might like this method for factoring trinomials
New visual geometry
This may help you visualize cylindrical and conic surfaces

Similar figures


Angle estimator game

Alien Angles

Geo Review Game


 Khan Academy

Math Summaries
Math review:  Summaries of how to perform math tasks



BrainPop: Free movie link
BrainPop has movies on various topics. This link is for the free movies.  Other movies you have to be a subscriber to see.

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