Recommended student supplies list needed for this class:

A folder (for storing handouts, assignments, and project direction sheets)

A gallon size zip-lock bag (to store your project & sandpaper in).

A roll of paper towel (turn in to teacher for in-class storage & use on projects).

An assortment of sandpaper - an assortment pack or (3)100 grit, (1)150 grit, (1)220 grit).

Safety Glasses or Goggles (any style is fine) but must be CLEAR lenses only!

Optional student supplies:

Brown jersey work gloves (if desired).

Dust mask (if student has allergies or asthma issues).

Pick 1 or 2 shop supplies to donate to the class???

*Roll of paper towel.

*Box of kleenex.

*Bottle of hand sanitizer.

*Box of #2 pencils.

*Box of markers.

*Roll of masking tape or blue painters tape.

*Sharpie permanent markers.