8th Grade Social Studies Assignments
Week of 9/4/17

Monday- Labor Day

Tuesday- Go over classroom procedures, general information, ice breaker activity

Wednesday- Collect Parent Signatures, do "A Puzzling Problem" activity

Thursday- Get to know you activity (True Colors)- "What do you know about our country's history?"

Friday- Living Through History Pretest, book distribution, "Why Study History" exercise


Week of 9/11/17

Monday- Columbus POV (Point of View) t-chart and paragraph (due Wednesday)

Tuesday- CDV PowerPoint and notes, CDV booklet

Wednesday- Columbus POV paragraph due, go over CDV poster assignment (due Friday).  Work on CDV poster

Thursday- Work on CDV poster, study for quiz when finished

Friday- Present CDV posters.  Play Beyond Question review game for CDV quiz (Quiz Monday)


Week of 9/18/17

Monday- CDV quiz, 13 colonies map

Tuesday- Go over colonial map, Warm up #1- DBQ on the Lost Colony of Roanoke, slideshow on early settlements

Wednesday- Colonial America packet- Complete study guide, "Story of Us:  Jamestown and Plymouth Settlements", planner check

Thursday- Warm up #2 (Signing of the Mayflower Compact), grade Colonial America study guide, Pilgrims slideshow and follow sheet, Colonial America Kahoot

Friday- Colony/Map quiz, Chapter 4 box vocabulary


Week of 9/25/17

Monday- Colonial economy article (read, discuss, highlight, annotate), slideshow and notes

Tuesday- Warm up #3.  Read 4.2 pages 110-114 and do questions

Wednesday- Read 4.3 pages 116-119, do storyboard assignment

Thursday- Warm up #4- Begin "Perspectives on the French and Indian War" assignment

Friday- Finish "Perspectives on the French and Indian War" assignment. Scholastic play on French and Indian War.  Geographic activity on p. 127


Week of 10/2/17

Monday- Warm up #5, read 5.1 pages 133-137, do 5.1 questions, Chapter 5 study questions

Tuesday- Finish 5.1 notes, work on Chapter 5 study guide

Wednesday- Effigies film clip.  Schoolhouse rock clip "No More Kings", Chapter 5 box vocabulary- due tomorrow

Thursday- Warm up #6 DBQ on Boston Massacre, go over Chapter 5 box vocabulary, view "The Story Behind the Boston Massacre"- Discovery Streaming

Friday- Read 5.2 pages 138-141, 5.2 questions.


Week of 10/9/17

Monday- Read "A Crisis Over Tea" on page 140, do notes and personal reactions, begin Boston Tea Party comic strip

Tuesday- Finish Boston Tea Party comic strip, work on 5.2 questions on Study Guide

Wednesday- Share some comic strips, begin Johnny Tremain

Thursday- Half day for students- Continue Johnny Tremain

Friday- Finish Johnny Tremain, Warm up #6- Lexington and Concord, Begin 5.3 pages 142-146 together and start note page


Week of 10/16/17

Monday- Finish 5.3 notes, work on 5.3 study guide questions

Tuesday- Begin "American Revolution War Timeline" activity- Due Friday

Wednesday- Work on American Revolution Timeline, warm up check #'s 1-7.

Thursday- Finish American Revolution Timeline, work on Chapter 5 study guide and/or Chapter 5 quizlet, study guide due Tuesday

Friday- American Revolution Timeline due, Chapter 5 vocabulary review assignment, Jr. Scholastic Play- "Father of the Revolution"



Monday- Warm up #1- Political cartoon, read 5.4 pages 148-152 and complete note page

Tuesday- Go over 5.4 notes, check and discuss Chapter 5 study guide, do "Road to Revolution" simulation.

Wednesday- Chapter 5 test review (Jeopardy)

Thursday- Chapter 5 test

Friday- Warm up #2- Declaration of Independence DBQ. Declaration of Independence video clip (14 mins.), read pages 156-159 and do DOI questions with partner.