8th Grade Social Studies Assignments
Week of 9/5/16

Monday- Labor Day

Tuesday- Go over classroom procedures, general information, ice breaker activity

Wednesday- Collect parent signatures, do "A Puzzling Problem" activity

Thursday- Get to know you activities Prior knowledge assignments- "What do you know about our country's history? and "Living Through History"

Friday- Book distribution and textbook scavenger hunt and "Why Study History" exercise.

Week of 9/12/16

Monday- Columbus POV t-chart and paragraph (due Wednesday)

Tuesday- CDV PowerPoint and notes, CDV booklet

Wednesday- Columbus POV paragraph due, go over CDV poster assignment (due Friday).  Work on CDV poster

Thursday- Work on CDV poster, study for quiz when finished

Friday- Present CDV posters.  Play Beyond Question review game for CDV quiz (quiz Monday)


Week of 9/19/16

Monday- CDV quiz, 13 colonies map

Tuesday- Go over colonial map, do Document-based question (DBQ) on Roanoke, slideshow on early settlements

Wednesday- Colonial America packet- complete study guide, "Story of Us:  Jamestown and Plymouth Settlements"

Thursday- DBQ (Signing of the Mayflower Compact), go over Colonial America study guide, Pilgrims slide show and follow sheet, Colonial America Kahoot

Friday- Colony/Map quiz, Chapter 4 box vocabulary


Week of 9/26/16

Monday- Colonial economy article (read/discuss/highlight), slideshow and notes

Tuesday- Warm up #3.  Read 4.2 pages 110-114 and do questions

Wednesday- Read 4.3 pages 116-119.  Do storyboard assignment

Thursday- Warm up #4- Read 4.4 pages 120-124 and complete 4.4 notes and questions

Friday- Scholastic Play on French and Indian War.  Geographic activity on p. 127

Week of 10/3/16

Monday- Warm up #5, Read 5.1 pages 133-137, do 5.1 questions, Chapter 5 study guide

Tuesday- Finish 5.1 notes, work on Chapter 5 study guide

Wednesday- Poster "Acts" assignment in pairs

Thursday- 10 minutes to wrap up poster "acts" assignment, presentations

Friday- Effigies film clip.  Schoolhouse rock clip "No More Kings", Chapter 5 box vocabulary due Monday

Week of 10/10/16

Monday- Warm up #6 DBQ on Boston Massacre, go over Chapter 5 box vocabulary, view "The Story Behind the Boston Massacre"- Discovery Streaming (34:55)

Tuesday- Read 5.2 pages 138-141, 5.2 questions

Wednesday- Read "A Crisis Over Tea" on page 140, do notes and personal reactions, begin Boston Tea Party comic strip

Thursday- Finish Boston Tea Party comic strip, work on 5.2 questions on study guide, do 5.2 questions on study guide

Friday- Share some comic strips, begin Johnny Tremain.


Week of 10/17/16

Monday- Warm up #7 Lexington and Concord DBQ, finish Johnny Tremain.

Tuesday- Read 5.3 pages 142-146 and complete note page

Wednesday- 1/2 day for students- Finish 5.3 notes, work on chapter 5 study guide section 3

Thursday- Brainpop on "Causes of the American Revolution" Begin American Revolution War Timeline (Due Tuesday)

Friday- Work on American Revolution Timeline, warm up check #'s 1-7


Week of 10/24/16

Monday- Finish American Revolution Timeline, work on Chapter 5 study guide and/or Chapter 5 quizlet, study guide due Thursday.

Tuesday- American Revolution timeline due, Chapter 5 vocabulary assignment, read Junior Scholastic Play- "Father of the Revolution"

Wednesday- Warm up #1- Political cartoon, read 5.4 pages 148-152 and complete note page

Thursday- Go over 5.4 notes, check and discuss Chapter 5 study guide, do "Road to Revolution" simulation. 

Friday- View "American History:  Road to Revolution" and complete questions

Week of 10/31/16

Monday- Chapter 5 review (Jeopardy)

Tuesday- Chapter 5 Test

Wednesday- Warm up #2- Declaration of Independence DBQ.  Declaration of Independence video clip (14 mins), read pages 156-159 and do DOI questions with partner

Thursday- "Be a Truth Detective" activity and read/discuss pages 2-4 from "Created Equal" booklet

Friday- Read 6.1 pages 163-169, complete 6.1 question sheet

Week of 11/7/16

Monday- Chapter 6 study guide, chapter 6 box vocabulary

Tuesday- Teacher professional development day- No school for students

Wednesday- Share box vocabulary, view "American Revolution:  The Empire Fights Back"

Thursday- Warm up #3, read 6.2 pages 171-175 and complete questions, introduce Chapter 6 quizlet.

Friday- Warm up #4, read 6.3 pages 176-180 and complete questions.  Work on study guide when finished. 

Week of 11/14/16

Monday-  Read 6.4 pages 182-185 and complete question sheet and crossword

Tuesday- Finish study guide, due tomorrow, view American Revolution:  Return of the Rebels

Wednesday- Go over Chapter 6 study guide, do Beyond Question review game for Chapter 6.

Thursday- Chapter 6 test, Chapter 7 vocabulary assignment

Friday- Warm up #5, read 7.1 pages 189-195 and complete question sheet


Week of 11/21/16

Monday- Slideshow on Northwest Ordinance and Shay's Rebellion.  Read Chapter 8 out of History Alive book, pages 103-117.  Do Interactive Notebook pages 48-51.

Tuesday- Finish Chapter 8 History Alive questions. PBIS reward. 

Wednesday- Friday- Thanksgiving Break- No School

Week of 11/28/16

Monday- Go over New Jersey/Virginia Plan poster assignment requirements (background and notes).  Work on rough draft.  Due Thurs 12/1.

Tuesday- Finish rough draft.  Begin work on New Jersey/Virginia Plan poster assignment

Wednesday- Work on/finish New Jersey/Virginia Plan poster assignment (due Thurs.)

Thursday- Constitution Convention simulation using Chromebooks.

Friday- Warm up #5, Do 7.3 "Guided Reading" activity and "Reteaching" assignment.

Week of 12/5/16

Monday- Warm #6 (timeline activity) p. 213.  Read 7.4 pages 209-211 and complete assignment.

Tuesday- Schoolhouse Rock Preamble, do Preamble Scramble activity, Preamble practice quiz.  Read JS Play "The Making of the Constitution".

Wednesday- Preamble quiz, Schoolhouse Rock- "I'm Just a Bill", Read "How a Bill Becomes a Law" sheet, do Follow that Bill activity

Thursday- Liberty Kids #40 "We the People", Peanuts:  "Birth of the Constitution (23 mins.), warm up check

Friday-  Read Constitution "Goals" pages 215-217.  Do question sheet.  Go over Quizlet study guide.


Week of 12/12/16

Monday- Snow day-- No School 

Tuesday-Warm up #1,  Read "Our Constitution- Rules for Government". Constitution handbook sections 3-5.  Do questions.  Review for test with quizlet.

Wednesday- Branches of U.S. Government slideshow.  Do follow sheet.   Work on Quizlet.  "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Citizenship test review.  

Thursday- Citizenship test 

 Friday-President's cabinet activity using Chromebooks.  

Week of 12/19/16

Monday- Go over Citizenship test Finish President's Cabinet activity using Chromebooks.  2nd marking period Formative Assessment. 

Tuesday- Exploring the U.S. Constitution (Articles 1-3).  Read pages 231-239 and do questions
Wednesday- National Treasure

Thursday- National Treasure

Friday- Half day for students, wrap up

Week of 1/9/17

Monday- Geography Bee

Tuesday- Read pages 242-251 and do "Name the Amendment" activity

Wednesday- Go over Bill of Rights project and begin in pairs

Thursday- Career education presentation with counselor

Friday- Bill of Rights project

Week of 1/16/17

Monday- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- No School

Tuesday- Snow (Ice) day

 Wednesday- Finish Bill of Rights project (submit today when finished or due tomorrow)

Thursday- Chapter 8 study guide, Warm up #2, read 8.1 pages 257-261 and do question sheet

Friday- Read 8.2 pages 262-265 and do question sheet.  Warm up #3- Begin recording national debt.  Work on Chapter 8 study guide when finished.


Week of 1/23/17

Monday- 8.2 Slideshow notes and follow sheet, 8.2 wrap-up.  Begin 8.2 Point of View assignment

Tuesday- Final exam schedule hours 1, 3, 5- Social Studies M-Step practice test, Flipping the White House film, presidential inauguration lesson

Wednesday- Final exam schedule hours 2, 4, 6- Social Studies M-Step practice test, Flipping the White House film, presidential inauguration lesson

Thursday- Work on 8.2 Point of View assignment- due Monday

Friday- No School for students, records day for teachers


Week of 1/30/17

Monday- POV assignment due.  Warm up #4.  Read 8.3 pages 266-269, do question sheet

Tuesday- Chapter 8 vocabulary, work on study guide, Chapter 8 Quizlet

Wednesday- Read 8.4 pages 270-272 and do questions, finish 8.4 study guide questions.  8.4 assignment and Chapter 8 study guide due tomorrow.

Thursday- Go over study guide, Chapter 8 test review

Friday- Chapter 8 test


Week of 2/6/17

Monday-Warm up #5 Map Study p. 278.  Read 9.1, pages 277-280 and complete outline 

Tuesday- View documentary:  "Lewis and Clark- Journey West" and complete follow sheet

Wednesday- EDP in LMC with Mrs. Deskovitz

Thursday- EDP in LMC with Mrs. Deskovitz

Friday- Go over Chapter 8 test, Warm up #6, read 9.2 pages 281-285 and complete 9.2 outline


Week of 2/13/17

Monday- Louisiana Purchase map and questions.  Lewis and Clark packet.

Tuesday- 9.1-9.2 Kahoot.  Read 9.3 pages 289-295, Barbary pirates video clip

Wednesday- Warm up #7.  9.3 guided reading activity

Thursday- Warm up #8- DBQ.  "The Burning of D.C.. During War of 1812" video, slideshow and notes on War of 1812

Friday- 8th Grade SS M-Step practice


Week of 2/20/17

Monday- Mid-winter break- No School

Tuesday- War of 1812 map and timeline.  Timeline due by end of class on Wednesday.  Map due Friday.

Wednesday- "Battle of New Orleans" song by Johnny Horton, continue work on War of 1812 map and timeline (Timeline due today.)

Thursday- Finish War of 1812- (map due Friday), warm up check

Friday- Correct War of 1812 map, "Tecumseh" J.S. play

Week of 2/27/17

Monday- Practice DBQ on Lewis and Clark Day 1- Prewrite

Tuesday- Practice DBQ on Lewis and Clark Day 2- Essay

Wednesday- Half day for students- Morning assemblies

Thursday- Finish DBQ practice essay, read Jr. Scholastic and do questions for extra credit

Friday- Urban game opener (simulation) for Chapter 10, "Growth and Expansion".  

Week of 3/6/17

Monday-Warm up #1, Read 10.1 pages 305-311 and do questions, chapter 10 study guide

Tuesday- Warm up #2, read 10.2 pages 313-317 and do 10.2 guided reading and 10.1 reteaching activity, work on study guide

Wednesday- 10.1-10.2 Think Dots

Thursday- Half day for students, parent teacher conferences.  Mary Driscoll and the Lowell mills film clip

Friday- Finish 10.1-10.2 Think Dots


Week of 3/13/17

Monday-Oregon Trail simulation game 

Tuesday- DBQ Assessment

Wednesday- DBQ Assessment

Thursday- DBQ Assessment

Friday- Lowell Mills girls experience "Choose Your Own Adventure" activity


Week of 3/20/17

Monday- Warm up #3, read 10.3 pages 318-321 and do questions, work on study guide

Tuesday- 10.4- read pages 322-324 and do questions, finish study guide, Chapter 10 quizlet

Wednesday- Go over Chapter 10 study guide, Chapter 10 test review (Beyond Question)

Thursday- Chapter 10 test

Friday- Jackson Era flip book explanation and begin section 1- due Tuesday.


Week of 3/27/17

Monday- Warm up #4, Students work on flip book section 1- due Wednesday

Tuesday- Flip book section 1 due.  Go over flip book section 2.  Students begin work on flip book section 2 (due Friday)

Wednesday- Finish flip book section 2

Thursday- Trail of tears webquest

Friday- Warm up #5, "Trail of Tears" video clip (@10 minutes), go over flip book section 3, work on section 3 (due Tuesday after spring break)

Week of 4/3/17

Monday- Friday- Spring Break

Week of 4/10/17

Monday-  Do marking period 3 formative assessment, finish flip book section 3- due tomorrow.  

Tuesday- Section 3 due.  Go over flip book section 4.  Slideshow on the Bank Crisis.  Students work on section 4- due Thursday.

Wednesday-  Work on Jackson flip book section 4, begin section 5 when finished.

Thursday- Section 4 due, Go over section 5.  Students work on section 5.  Section 5 and flip book cover due at beginning of class on Tuesday.

Friday- Good Friday- No school for students

Week of 4/17/17

Monday- Work on section 5 and cover, final flip book due at start of class on Tuesday.

Tuesday- Final check for flip books (section 5 and cover), 12.1 warm up (#4), read 12.1 pages 355-360, do guided reading questions and chapter 12 vocabulary

Wednesday- 12.2 pages 362-367.  Do guided reading questions.

Thursday-  M-Step style practice questions, "Dear America:  The Alamo"

Friday- 12.3 pages 368-370, 12.3 slideshow and guided reading questions.


Week of 4/24/17

Monday- Social Studies M-Step

Tuesday- Social Studies M-Step

Wednesday-  12.4 warm up (warm up #5).  Do sequencing sheet in pairs.

Thursday- Do "Wagon Train" activity.  Read "What was it really like" article and do questions, 12.1-12.3 Kahoot, (Oregon Trail Deluxe if time)

Friday- "Story of Us:  Divisions" film and follow sheet.


Week of 5/1/17

Monday- Junior Scholastic activities "One Family, 50 States"

Tuesday- 12.5 warm up (Warm up #6).  Read 12.5 pages 376-379.  Do 12.5 guided reading and reteaching activity.

Wednesday- Chapter 12 t-shirt assessment (warm-up check)- due Friday

Thursday- Work on t-shirt

Friday- T-shirt due, Mexican-American War Point of View Assignment


Week of 5/8/17

Monday- Read 14.1 p. 411-415.  Begin Social Reformers research assignment

Tuesday- Work on Social reformers research assignment

Wednesday- 25 minutes to work on Social Reformers research assignment (due tomorrow), Harriet Tubman documentary (23 minutes)

Thursday- 14.2 pages 416-422.  Do Guided Reading and Reteaching questions

Friday- 14.3 pages 424-428.  Do Guided Reading and Reteaching questions

Week of 5/15/17

Monday- Chapter 14 Kahoot,  Susan B. Anthony documentary (30 mins.)

Tuesday- Chapter 13 study guide, technology slideshow, Read 13.1, pages 385-389 and do chart activity.

Wednesday- Immigration slideshow and follow sheet.  read 13.2 pages 390-394 and do notes page

Thursday- View "Underground Railroad:  Escape from slavery" and film notes.  View "Dear America:  Picture of Freedom" dramatization on the life of a slave.

Friday- Warm up #1, read 13.3 pages 396-400 and do guided reading and reteaching activities.


Week of 5/22/17

Monday- Slave code slideshow, read 13.4 pages 401-406 and do note page

Tuesday- Finish 13.4 notes, work on Chapter 13 study guide

Wednesday- Chapter 13 study guide due, review for Chapter 13 test (Kahoot)

Thursday- Chapter 13 Test, Warm up #2.  Read 15.1 pages 437-440 and do Guided Reading- due Tuesday

Friday- "Story of Us"- Civil War


Week of 5/29/17

Monday- Memorial Day- No School

Tuesday- Warm up #2, read 15.2 pages 442-445 and do question sheet

Wednesday- Go over Chapter 13 test,  Warm up #3, read 15.3 pages 448-452 and do question sheet

Thursday- Warm up #4 Read 15.4 pages 453-457 and do questions, Fort Sumter video clip

Friday- Chapter 15 Kahoot, Civil War beginnings slide show, read 16.1 pages 460-465, complete 16.1 questions, study guide for Chapter 16 test


Week of 6/5/17

Monday- Slideshow on major U.S. Civil War battles.  Read 16.2 pages 466-471, do questions

Tuesday- Do Civil War map, due tomorrow, work on study guide when finished

Wednesday- Go over map.  Read 16.3 pages 472-475 and complete question sheet

Thursday- 16.4 pages 476-480 and do question sheet

Friday- Slideshow on Gettysburg.  Read 16.5 pages 482-488 and do battle chart together.

Week of 6/12/17

Monday- Go over Chapter 16 study guide, review for test

Tuesday- Hours 3, 5- Chapter 16 "Civil War" Test, begin "Glory"

Wednesday- Hours 2, 4, 6- Chapter 16 "Civil War" Test, begin "Glory"

Thursday- Half day- Hours 3, 5 Finish "Glory", clean up

Friday- Half day- Hours 2, 4, 6 "Finish "Glory", clean up