Rough draft guidelines:

1000 words minimum

Must be 3rd person, past tense ("Joe went to the store.")

No dreams or flashbacks. 

No backstory or explanations--reveal necessary info through dialogue/actions/etc. (and remember that the reader doesn't need to know everything you know!).

Imagine your story like a movie and write what you'see'. If you could not see it on a movie screen, don't write it (a few minor thoughts/feelings may be included,). 

Due first thing on Thursday, printed out or handwritten.


Your three character profiles are due--printed out or handwritten--first thing this FRIDAY. Email me if you have questions. Please continue bringing them to class.

Don't forget that you can earn a V Pass if you attend and participate at conferences with me this Thursday.


No homework over the weekend. We'll continue working on character creation on Monday. Tentative due date is Wednesday.

Parent/teacher conferences are this Thursday from 530 to 830 pm. The school sends out a mass email that students should not attend. For MACAT students, we ask that students DO attend if at all possible (administration already knows this). As an extra incentive, any student that attends and participates in the conference (talks, discusses, etc.) will receive a V Pass. You don't get a V Pass just for showing up, however.

For advanced ELA, the above deal is valid for you, as well, although your other teachers may not want you to attend the conference. See them for any clarification, if necessary.

I will be in the LMC for conferences.