V Pass Opportunity!

If you participate in a simple science experiment for about 15 minutes during your lunch next week, you can earn a V Pass. All you'll have to do is put together a couple simple puzzles. 

I'll have a sign-up in my room if  you are interested.


Upcoming for next week:

Your novel should be finished by Tuesday unless you've made other arrangements with me (like for Wicked). I may ask you about the ending--if it's clear that you haven't finished the book, you may not receive full points for the final mini-project. It will be graded based on effort, written expression, and sophistication of ideas.

Mini-project is due Tuesday when you walk in. It should be 600+ words, and those words can be spread out however you like among the categories. Typed is preferred, but not required. Only 1/2 credit (at most) will be awarded if you have less than 600+ words.

We'll be moving on to a new unit called, "The Future" next week where we'll watch some Star Trek episodes, speculate on tech of the future, read/listen to one of the best sci fi stories ever written, and stuff like that. It'll be fun.

Less fun--we need to do a district assessment one day, but there will be a V Pass opportunity if you do well.