Due on Tuesday:

Final draft #2--please highlight changes on FD. MUST be a paper version.

Graphic #2

We will be moving on to our next unit--Law and Justice--immediately after turning in the myth project. 


Your first final draft of 1000 words is due on paper when you walk in on Monday. Please remember that you MUST revise at least 30% of your rough draft, and final drafts must be error-free. You will also need to highlight changes on your final draft. It is worth 50 points.

Your first graphic is also due, but I am out of poster board so you will have to supply your own. It is usually available at dollar stores. Any large, white paper will do, so if you have construction paper or legal size, that is fine as well. 8x11 printer paper is too small--I would like something bigger.

Also, please note that your graphic could be more creative than just a drawing/illustration, for those who would like to do something a little different. 

Graphics will be graded on creativity of idea, neatness, attention to detail, and effort. You do NOT have to be an artist to do well on this assignment. It is worth 30 points.


The assignment schedule for the mythology project has been adjusted. Due dates are as follows:

May 17--rough draft of first 1000 words due.
May 21st--final draft of first 1000 words and first graphic due.
May 24th--rough draft of second 1000 words due.
May 29th--final draft of second 1000 words and second graphic due.

Final drafts must have at least 30% revisions in order to be accepted. 

A calendar of due dates was handed out in class today. See me if you need a copy.

All students MUST meet with me to discuss some aspect of their writing at least once in order to be eligible to receive an 'A' on final drafts. If you do not meet with me between now and May 25th, the highest grade you may receive on either final drafts will be a 'B'.


Upcoming for next week:

Project proposals (including for graphics) are due Monday first thing. They MUST be turned in on paper to receive credit.

1000+ words plus one graphic are due Friday first thing.

You will have time in class to work on the project during the week.

Please make sure that your mythologies reflect the region you have been assigned!


Upcoming for next week:

12 stages of the Hero's Journey applied to the movie is due Monday.

We will begin the final project for the mythology unit. More details Monday, but essentially you will be creating your own mythology in small groups.

7th grade MSTEP testing is Tuesday to Thursday (sorry).