The following is due on Monday:

Final draft--typed on paper (electronic submissions will not be accepted) with revisions highlighted or otherwise indicated

Earliest rough draft, attached to final draft

Seven page grading criteria.

If you do not have all of these items on Monday, your project will be considered late, and will receive a penalty. V Passes may be used for an extra day.

If you did not meet with me to discuss your final draft, the highest grade you can receive will be a 'B'.


Next week, we will be working on revising our rough drafts and bringing them to final draft. I will have info about grading on Monday.

I will be available to meet with students all week. Please remember that you must meet with me at least once in order to be eligible to get an 'A' on your final draft (eligible does NOT mean guaranteed). Meetings are worth 10 points, but may be V passed (but you won't be 'A' eligible).

You should expect no more than three days of in-class work time, which means that we will begin something new on Thursday or so (earlier, if necessary). Please use your time in class wisely!

Lastly, the final draft is worth 100 points, which is huge. You want to do well. Maximum effort is recommended.