We will continue working on our magazine ads next week. Expect the first set of FINAL DRAFTS to be due by WEDNESDAY. That means that every student will have one final draft completed by Wednesday at the end of class.

Final draft ads are worth 15 pts each, and will be graded on the following:

Originality and Creativity
Use of strategies/needs

Have a great weekend!

Slideshow about strategic vs tactical advertising:

Key slides to view: 1, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 18, 19

This material may appear on a kwiz or test.


We'll begin working on our advertising project tomorrow. Part 1 is to create a commercial (skit) for a bath soap like Dial or Zest. I told several classes to be prepared to present Wednesday, but that is unrealistic, so no need to panic. I'll provide suitable class time to work starting tomorrow.

Here's the link to the Advertising Project, part 1 doc: