Mrs. Radley's Home Page
Speech-Language Pathologist, Teacher of the Speech-Language Imparied, General Education Students at Frost Middle School 

Mrs. Radley

Welcome to Speech-Language Pathology at Frost

My name is Erin Radley and this is my 3rd year at Frost as a speech-language pathologist.  I really enjoy working with middle school students.  

For the general education students, focus for speech-language is on teaching visual, graphic and language strategies to assist students with their academic curriculum.  With that being said, every student is different and has different needs.  Because there are a few different delivery models for speech-language, each student's strengths, learning styles and personalities are utilized when teaching these language strategies to maximize their academic performance. 

Articulation is also a focus of speech-language.  Students are taught to correctly produce sounds in a hierarchical fashion.  First, they are taught to produce the sound by itself (in isolation), then in syllables, in words, phrases, sentences and to conversational speech.  The ability to produce the sound correctly and do it during normal conversation is called "carryover," and it is one of the hardest parts for middle school students to accomplish.  It is breaking a habit and retraining your lips, tongue, palate, etc to change what it feels "natural"  into something new.  We have many strategies for students who are at this level and have seen many students graduate from receiving speech services for articulation. 

Please feel free to contact me, I look forward to working with you and your child.