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Volunteer Expectations ICHAT Form

Welcome Volunteers!  Volunteers have a very positive impact on our school community.  We greatly appreciate your gift of time and energy at our school!  

Below is a set of guidelines and expectations for volunteers: 

  • Volunteers must complete an ICHAT before being allowed to volunteer. Click HERE to complete the form. 
  • From the ICHAT form: 

I also agree that while acting as a volunteer or chaperone, I will abide by all Board policies and District guidelines.  This includes, but is not limited to:

*Following the sign-in procedures established at each building.

*Wearing proper identification while volunteering.

*Maintaining the confidentiality of each student.

*Reporting all behavior concerns to the lead teacher and/or building principal.

*Refraining from disciplining or touching students in a corrective manner.

*Wearing attire appropriate for a business atmosphere.

  • All interactions with staff and students should be professional in nature, with all students being treated impartially.
  • Volunteers are invited to the school on a scheduled basis and should not drop-in to volunteer at other times.  
    • Volunteers are asked to check their email before coming to the school in the case of a last minute cancellation.
    • If a volunteer needs to cancel they are asked to call the school office or email the sponsoring staff member. 
    • Volunteers should enter through the office and sign in, and they will receive identification.
  • Volunteers may use the staff bathrooms.
  • A volunteer may have access to limited personal information of students.
    • Student confidentiality must be maintained (as stated in ICHAT).
    • Volunteers should report any concerns only to the lead teacher or building administration.
    • Volunteers should never purposely access any student data that is not specifically required for their volunteer role.
  • If a volunteer needs to speak with a teacher or counselor who is not the sponsoring staff member, they should follow school protocol and report to the office to request a meeting with a teacher.